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Jira Installation Connection to SQL Server 2016 Error Edited Victor Pham Jan 10, 2018 Hi Everyone, I'm new to Jira 7.6 on my Windows Server 2012 and I'm trying to complete my first production installation. Atlassian will not support SQL Server 2016 until they add it to the list. As 2016 is %100 compatible with 2014, Atlassian does not even need to test. They can just add it. But if they test it, it will just work. This is pure choke by Atlassian. So I have a single test server Windows 10 running SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition. I have also installed JIRA and Bitbucket onto this server. I am trying to setup these two applications to use a locally installed SQL 2016 developer edition DB. Remote Connection is enabled. Default port 1433 is selected. AV is turned off. I can access the. Atlassian JIRA mit MS SQL: Select the text, date or string value from a custom field of an issue → Atlassian JIRA MS SQL Server: Get Affects version or fixed. Currently the only version supported is SQL Server 2008. doc./nxdoc/microsoft-sql-server/ According to MS site, only 2008 SP4 is still supported and.

First of all, we will see several examples. ZappySys includes an ODBC JSON Source Connector that will help you to call JIRA API, Insert issue in JIRA using static data from the SQL server using ODBC JSON driver REST API Call. Update and Delete JIRA issue data From the SQL Server. Insert Bulk JIRA issues from the stored procedure.

Show 4 more fields Feedback Requested, Feedback Requested By, backportReEvaluate and Epic Link.</plaintext> We support the Jira templates and can help with Jira-related problems, but we don't provide support for Docker itself. Hardware. NFS mounts are supported only for Jira Data Center's shared home directory. They won't work for Server, or DC's local home directory due to Lucene requirements. Read the IndexWriter docs for more information.</p> <p>15.05.2016 · Connect Jira to SQL Server 2012 in 3 easy steps. Host Jira Software on your server for more customization and control. Download and try Jira Software Server free for 30 days. Please see Add support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Whilst we absolutely see the need to support MS SQL 2016 and are confident that it works today, we have challenges establishing the automated build tests to ensure that it remains fully supported. Due to this we are unable to announce it as an officially supported platform at this time. 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